AleWorek is a brand working with passion since 2012 under the name of ”ADKA Workshop Adrianna Wołczyk”.

AleWorek as we sew bags! We make decorative packages, gadgets and utility products. A smart and at the same time modern design catching your eye and natural fabrics which we adore is a key to exceptional solutions.

Along with a subsequent order fulfillment we inspire each other and search for customized solutions.

We are a Polish workshop where we sew exceptional products with a smile on our faces, which causes you to get a high quality product.

And what is your idea? We sew solutions.

aleWorek – How about PACKING yourself?

ADKA Workshop

Adrianna coming from Poznań, an incurable optimist with a hundred and fifty ideas per minute, an artist deep inside. Personally, a dog lover, and an amateur runner since recently.

It arose out of a need! At home my Dad started to bake bread himself and complained that there was nowhere to store it. He knew bread could be stored in the linen fabric. He made me get interested in this topic, so I bought linen and sewed my first bag which has appeared on our kitchen table surface up to day.

I find fulfilling individual orders particularly challenging, and I love challenges! In spite of our flag product – bags, we also sew your ideas, embroider and prints.

Linen bread bags will become popular with busy housewives who lack time to buy bread every day, or home bakers, from ECO-followers taking care of how and what they eat through baker’s shops which put quality of their bakery first .

Eco leather bump bags are an excellent solution to hands-free hikers in the urban jungle.

Bags with a customer’s logo on are sewn to minor and major companies, developing workshops and giants on European markets.

The website refers to the world of bags, packages and exceptional accessories. In the Company tab you will find a form to enquire for wholesale orders, on the Blog we show what we encounter and how work in the company is. There is the Shop tab for handicraft fans where you can be encouraged to have our unique products within short time. In case of doubts you can find replies in the FAQ tab.