For companies

AleWorek is a company addressed to people searching for interesting and creative packages for their products outstanding for their designs.

Our bags are made from natural fabrics of high quality such as linen, jute and cotton. Owing to our natural design our solutions stand out amid casual, artificial and discouraging packages.

If you look for exceptional solutions for your company, you are in the right place.

We are a Polish sewing factory with a focus both on the highest quality of products and reliable and professional service.

And what is your idea? We sew solutions.

If you are interested in cooperation, let us know by filling a contact form in or call on 798 931 506.

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Are you looking for unique promotion of your company?

Do your products deserve the best?

We offer products individually matched. We will settle together as follows:

  • fabric – linen? cotton? maybe jute?

  • size adapted to your product

  • design technology – print or embroidery

  • template – e.g. your logo or selected inscription

  • finish – from lace through ribbons to stitching

Fabrics depending on properties and usage:

JUTE – biodegradable fabric of plant origin excellently fit for production of packages, bags and sacks. You can store inside e.g. sweets as it is coarsely woven. The fabric is suitable for silkscreen, it must not be washed. This is a natural and cheap raw material.

LINEN – natural fabric fit for production of ecological bags and packages. It is perfect to store huge and tiny elements. Food products e.g. flour, herbs can be stored with no foil, they will not lose their aroma or get mouldy. The fabric is ideal for embroidery and print. It can be washed. High price.

COTTON – natural fabric, well fit for production of bags and packages. You can find inside e.g. sweets and food products in foil. It can be washed. It is suitable for embroidery and print. It is cheaper and less durable than linen, slightly more expensive than jute.

Selected wholesale orders fulfilled

Linen bag 16×22 cm

Decoratively stitched jute bag as a package for a bottle 8x8x36 cm

Small cotton bags of different size

Cotton bag with dried lavender

Embroidered linen bag 30×40 cm

Printed bump bags

Decoratively stitched jute bags

Codura bump bag 37×45 cm

Cotton denim shopping bag 37x41cm

Small jute bags of any size

Jute as a pot cover

Printed cotton bag

If you are interested in any of our products, contact us. Together with you, we will create a solution ideal for your products.

We will go together through the whole stage of production. We will make your imagination about ideal packaging real.

AleWorek as we sew bags! We make decorative packages, gadgets and utility products.

And what is your idea? We sew solutions.

We cooperate also with producers of commercial fudges, a supplier of coffee and tea from a local smoking room.