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TO FRENCH RIVIERA III Bump Bag is a combination of beautiful blue and modern cut. The bag, entirely practical, can be taken for a bike ride, to do shopping, to the beach … to French Riviera certainly Compact, as it does not occupy much space as luggage, during hikes you can put in a lot, you can always carry all you need most on you.
When you encounter summer rain, you can rely on waterproofness of aleWorek bag, do not worry about summer drizzles.

How about PACKING yourself into aleWorek?

Colour: blue like French Riviera
Material: eco leather
Dimension: 37x45cm
Interior: a small pocket beside your back (your mobile, wallet and keys are always on you)
Capacity: you can put in your trainers, wallet, towel, thermal mug and book 😉
Strings: black, soft, wide, adjustable (possible loops along the string)

Additional information

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 45 × 37 cm

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